The proposal story

So it was my 22nd birthday that I was not looking forward to, but Brandon made it one that I would always remember. I went to work that day and had an awesome day going to lunch with my co-workers for a bday lunch. When I got back to the office I got a call saying that I had a delivery. I was stumped because I know I hadn't ordered anything. I went up to the front desk and there was a beautiful vase full of purple dendrobium orchids! I was so shocked and happy that I just had to call Brandon right away. He told me how he knew I didn't like roses, so he thought these would do, and he was right. After work, I went home to thank Brandon for my flowers, but to my suprise..the suprises were just beginning. He told me he had a couple's massage planned and dinner afterwards. I went to get freshened up and right before we were walking out the door he dropped to his knees and asked me to marry him. I suppose that's what he said (I could barely hear a word because I was so in shock). I just knew he had a ring and he was on the floor, so I figured that's what it had to be. After the massage, we joined my family for my birthday dinner and I was so happy to find out that he had asked my mother for her permission before he proposed. That sealed the deal and I knew that this Jersey girl had found her southern gentleman.